ZENTRALE Abfallsammlung und Abfallsortierung

Success with central waste collection and waste sorting!

– out of all the small, loose bins and into larger, central waste stations!

Behind this headline hides one of the hottest topics in the field of facility management, which in short, is to remove all desktop and other loose trash cans and replace them with fewer, larger waste stations at strategic locations where the employees work time.

FD3-central-affaldsopsamling-kildesorteringFD3 – central waste collection – sorting! It is actually only benefits associated with this approach. Someone would probably think it’s an inconvenience to have to move to get rid of their waste, but this quickly turned into yet another advantage, because we are all naturally good for you to get up once in a while, get stretched out and ushering in „endorphins“!

But first and foremost is that the economy in it, both in relation to the daily cleaning but also „behind the lines“ which include possibilities for sorting means it will be cheaper to dispose of waste, and perhaps even to serve on the recyclable waste such as paper, cardboard, bottles , etc. , all of which fits hand in glove with the government’s new waste strategy that talk about more recycling and incineration of waste.

And note that we at Peoples obviously can design and customize the core units so that they live up optimally to the environment, both in terms of look and functionality. See the various examples on this page and / or look around you on this website and offer guidance on how it might look with you!
– We also have a brochure for inspiration!


We are currently in contact with several companies that are in the process of introducing the concept.

One of the first companies we worked with about this was NRgi in Aarhus, which has had such a large return on that one has left a journalism student to write an article about it, an article that is so good and apt that we would like to share it with others because we are convinced that many other places can benefit greatly from the concept.

Read the case study here it is believing.

Should not we meet and assess how many key units to be on with just you and thus create the basis for a calculation of how much you can save on cleaning, waste disposal, etc.


Contact Peoples with a view to a conversation about how we can help you get started with central waste collection
– It pays!

All the best!
Team Peoples

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