AIRPORTDESIGN product series

Designet for CPH Airport
This product was named Airport when it was developed in the close co-operation with Copenhagen Airport where especially the cleaning personnel had specific cleaning requirements for the product. The series consists of a specially designed item that can be used purely as a wastebin, purely as an ashtray, or as a combination of the two functions. In addition, it is available as wall mounted models with or without the hood, and lastly the XL version with a capacity of three times the amount of waste than the standard bin.

The design was adapted to the airports own elegant appearance with its distinctive round columns. The height and width of the design is not random, but is designed in a way to make it user-friendly for the guests and easy to operate by the staff. This is of great importance when taking into account that the products are emptied up to 15,000 times per day. The conically shaped inner bin with its specially designed fastening ring, keeps the bag in place and makes bag changing extraordinarily easy. Airportdesign is extremely suitable for airport use, but can of course also be used in other places where functionality and aesthetics are called for.