International award for Peoples

International award for Peoples

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Peoples has just been appointed as one of 6 runner-ups in “Design Challenge 2014”, a competition organized by the international magazine “Passenger Terminal World”.


For the competition designers and developers around the world were invited to submit ideas and suggestions for future furniture to airport terminal passenger areas.

At Peoples we at once started up the process to develop a new modular rest furniture, which we dubbed MAD No. 1 (Modular Airport Design No. 1). The basic idea is that you with a continuous rod can assemble tables and chairs in a shorter or longer row depending on space and needs. The armrests can of course be folded up or down for better rest positions and the chairs are fitted with a power socket for charging smartphones, PCs etc.

This is another good example of Peoples’ concept/core competence, namely the development of customized solutions – which among other things has meant that we have won other design competitions for Statoil and DSB (Danish Railways), and indeed, the reason for all our products.

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MAD No.1

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19 Jun 2014