HISTORY – The World Exhibition was an inspiration !

It all started at the World Exhibition in Hannover in 2000, where Henrik Andersen, the former director of the ”Fjord and Baelt Center” in Kerteminde, Denmark, saw a waste disposal system, that matched the one he had been looking for.


Flemming Kold

As soon as he returned home, he asked his good acquaintance, Flemming Kold, who worked in advertising, to develop the idea he had seen, and the result was a completely new system for on the spot separation of garbage. The system was named ”Functional Design” and included seven different models with one or more separate compartments, with or without an ashtray.

Hereafter the company rapidly expanded both with further development of the above mentioned waste bins and not least, with the development of new related products.

The activities were now under the company name, Kold and Holm, since Flemming Kold had convinced his old childhood friend, Lars Holm-Jørgensen to join the company. Lars had many years of production experience and he thereby ensured that Flemming’s ideas could be put into practice.


Architect Peter Saabye

The company was complete when another childhood friend, the architect Peter Saabye, also joined the project. Peter’s design office added speed and structure to the development of the new products.

With the addition of Peter to the company, there came the need for a new and neutral name. The vision of the company was to give the products character, to make them attractive to look at, and user friendly. They decided upon the excellent name ”Peoples”.

This set the framework and agenda for the future development of the company!

Interview with Peoples

Time table

  • 2010:    Exhibition Partner at the World EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, China
  • 2010:    Agent in England, Dubai and Germany
  • 2009:    New website, new brochure
  • 2010:    Forhandler i England
  • 2008:    Head Office move to new location by Kerteminde Habour
  • 2008:    Exhibition Partner in the World Exhibition in Zaragoza
  • 2006:    Agent in Switzerland
  • 2004:    Several large agreements, including Copenhagen International Airport
  • 2004:    Name change to PEOPLES ApS
  • 2003:    Development of new products
  • 2002:    The Functional Design series is in production
  • 2002:    The company kold&holm is estblished
  • 2000:    The idea of the company is born