Bombproof Waste Bin

Bombproof affaldsspand

Bombproof Waste Bin

The Bombproof waste bin is safety and functionality in a beautiful design.

The bombproof waste bin gives you the safety you want and Peoples have added a beautiful design, aesthetics and functionality, which has been tested in really rough surroundings, where a waste bin can be emptied up to 50 times a day.

The Bombproof waste bin is a safe and beautiful product. The cooperation between Dynasafe and Peoples is ideal: Dynasafe is taking care of the technical part and Peoples of the design and the functionality.

The concept consists of two independent units – the bombproof basic unit and an outer part, which in itself is an efficient waste bin.

The concept with two independent units makes it possible to use the same design through the whole area, without using bombproof bins where they are not needed. If an update of the safety is necessary later you can always bye the bombproof unit at that time.



Cover/waste bin:
Stainless steel or painted in optional RAL colour on the stainless steel.

Bomb security:  Classified

Circumference: Ø 460mm, Height 825 mm
Volume capacity: 30 L
Total weight: Approx. 100 kg


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Further information about the Bombproof trash can on >>

It is not sufficient that a waste bin is bombproof. It has to be able to fulfil the demands
of functionality claimed by the cleaning department and it has to able to fulfill the
demands of design claimed by the architect. Our product fulfil all three demands.


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